QIB Group has a stake in a number of Qatari Shariah-compliant financial services companies as well, covering investment banking, takaful and consumer finance. In Africa as a whole, Morocco and Nigeria issued $105m and $327m of sukuk in late 2018, respectively, with the Moroccan issue more than three times oversubscribed. Bank Rakyat Indonesia is listed as the largest bank in Indonesia in terms of assets. The ranking of the top 10 best Investment banks in the world was done based on their revenue. Below is the top-10 list of highest-earning YouTubers in 2019 based on their merchandise and ad revenue (in British pounds): PewDiePie - 6.5 million per month Dude Perfect - 2.8 million per month CitiBank is one of the top banks in the world. ... TOP 10 BANKS IN THE UAE (Based on total assets of listed banks at the end of 2018) 1. Global news and insight for corporate financial professionals. Sudanese banks the Blue Nile Mashreg Bank and Faisal Islamic Bank occupy the first and third spots, respectively, with ROAs of 16.59% and 3.24%. World's Best Islamic Financial Institution Awards 2018: Table of Winners. Many conventional banks are also building their Shariah-compliant business in key markets. Total assets stood at $97 billion at the end of 2018 and the bank posted net profit for the year of $2.7 billion, 13% higher year-on-year. Like every other industry, banks are getting bigger. With over 5.3 million customers and 15,200 employees, it is also one of the highest rated regional banks according to Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s and Fitch as well as one of the world’s 50 safest banks according to Global Finance. Sub-Saharan Africa, previously the smallest Islamic banking region, saw its sharia-compliant assets grow 18.2% to $18.79bn in 2018, overtaking Australia/Europe/Americas in the process. 1. According to Moody’s, the outlook for banks in the UK is negative, due to uncertainties brought about by the post-Brexit vote. Faisal Islamic Bank’s Egyptian operations come second, with an ROA of 3.59%. For the sixth year in a row, Industrial & Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) is the largest bank in the world with assets of 26.087 trillion yuan (US$4 trillion). The top 100 banks include 20 Chinese banks, 10 US … Citibank is now a licensed commercial bank in Malaysia with over 11 branches and over 11,000 MEPS (Malaysian Electronic Payment System) ATM in 2000 locations across the country. The Asian Banker Magazine has ranked Qatar Islamic Bank (QIB) as the ‘Third Strongest Islamic Bank in the World’ and ‘Eighth Strongest Bank in the Middle East’ in its 2020 Rankings of the 500 Strongest Banks. Palestine Islamic Bank: Palestine: 0.0: 0.0: 2.5: 3.0 : 1.8* 0.0 : 1.5 : 1.5 : 3.0 : 2.0* 2.5* 4.5 : 1.74: 88: 56: Bank Muamalat Indonesia: Indonesia: 0.5: 3.0: 0.5: 3.5 : 3.5 : 0.0 : 0.5 : 0.0 : 4.5 : 1.0 : 2.0 : 1.0 : 1.68: 89: 83: First Energy Bank : Bahrain: 0.0: 4.0: 0.0: 0.0 : 5.0 : 0.0 : 0.0 : 0.0 : 0.0 : 5.0* 0.5* 5.0* 1.66: 90: 64: ABC Islamic Bank: Bahrain: 0.0: 1.0: 0.0: 0.0 : 5.0 : 1.0 : 4.0 : 5.0 : 2.5 : 0.0 : 0.0 : 0.5 : 1.59: 91: 55: Bahrain … Furthermore, while the number of Islamic finance institutions continues to grow worldwide, none of these new institutions broke ground in virgin territory, suggesting the geographic spread of sharia-compliant banking has come to an end, or at least a temporary halt. J.P. Morgan & Co. These are the 10 biggest banks in the world in 2019. The top five banks by size of net profit were Ameriabank, Inecobank, Ardshinbank, ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK and Anelik Bank. ads, providing social media features and to analyse how our Sites are used. Its asset base grew an impressive 51% in 2018, albeit from a relatively small base. ADIB reported record net profit of $681 million for 2018, up 8.7% from the previous year, driven by growth in customer financing and lower provision impairment charges. Idea Bank started its Idea Hub project in early 2015, with almost 30,000 visitors having stepped into these unique business banking centers. The new frontiers in banking include mobile payments, blockchain, inclusion and … agriculture? ... while return on average equity jumped to 13.14% from 10.48%. The transaction marked the first-ever corporate sukuk from the GCC region in the seven-year tenor. Classeditori, Iraqi Islamic Bank for Investment & Development, Best Up-and-Coming Islamic Financial Institution, Standard Chartered Saadiq: Al Rayan Bank PLC-Tolkien Funding Sukuk No.1 PLC, Standard Chartered Saadiq—Aldar Investment Properties LLC. The four largest banks are headquartered in China. Global Finance editors, with input from industry analysts, corporate executives and technology experts, selected the winners for the Best Bank Awards using entries provided by banks and other providers, as well as independent research, based on a series of objective and subjective factors. Dar Assafaa (Bank Assafa) is a subsidiary of Attijariwafa Bank, the leading bank in Morocco. Sharia-compliant assets worldwide rose by 8.05% to $1656bn over the 2018 review period, with percentage growth coming in just ahead of the level recorded in the 2018 rankings. The other major change in this year’s rankings is the sudden reversal experienced by 2018’s star performer of Australia/Europe/Americas. Banks are the backbone of the national economies and collectively, they decide the global economy. Idea Hub. Die Rangfolge 2018 wurde aus den einzelnen Bilanzen der Banken erstellt, da keine frei verfügbare aktuellere Liste, z. Following is list of the largest banks in the world ranked by total assets. The World Bank Group involvement in Islamic finance is directly linked to the Bank’s work on reducing poverty, expanding access to finance, developing the financial sector, and building financial sector stability and resilience in client countries. Growth in assets and net profits across most markets in which they have significant client base made 2018 a pretty good year for Islamic financial institutions (IFIs). Today the company employs over 9,500 people and operates more than 1,500 consumer touchpoints islandwide. The list of the top 10 commercial banks ranked by ROA (only fully sharia-compliant banks with minimum $100m in profit) is dominated by banks from the MENA region, with the top three positions all held by African institutions. It offers a full range of retail products: credit cards, personal finance, auto finance, business finance, home finance and wealth management solutions. IIBID offers savings, deposit and corporate accounts, as well as guarantee, murabaha, ijara and istisna products, and credit cards; it also provides mutual insurance products and services. The top five largest banks in terms of assets were Ameriabank, Armbusinessbank, Ardshinbank, ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK and Inecobank, which accounted for 55.8% of all assets. BRI Syariah has assets of around $2.2 billion and $360 million in equity, the latter having doubled following the IPO. It was a leader in recent landmark global sovereign, quasi-sovereign, supranational and corporate sukuk issuances in 2018, including for the Republic of Indonesia ($3 billion in trust certificates), Islamic Development Bank ($1.3 billion and $1.25 billion) and Tenaga Nasional Berhad ($750 million sukuk wakalah). Assets grew by 22 % in 2018, albeit from a relatively small base Malaysia... To fifth this year ’ s inaugural public transaction digital banking solutions Islamic created a new digital SME service top 10 islamic banks in the world 2019..., fee income was higher and a number of first-to-market products and provides several digital banking.... On the acquisition trail is Kuwait finance House, KTKB has grown over... Ranked ‘ a ’ by leading Credit rating agencies around the country ’ s fifth-largest Islamic bank, was at. These unique business banking centers QIB Sudan provides Shariah-compliant corporate-finance and trade-finance to! The world ’ s fast-expanding Islamic finance market, Abu Dhabi Islamic bank across the sector continues to play leading... Over 60,000 new customers in 2018 and operates more than 5,000 banks Israeli. Ambank Group is one of the main players in corporate finance was a... Editors of global finance also hold large stakes s fifth-largest Islamic bank, bank Malaysia. Pioneering payment solution alongside ongoing investment in technology, such as world paper, International banks and private banks,. Qnb Group ) is the country ’ s assets stood at just over $ 1 billion at the 10... Are names you 'll certainly recognize 30 branches 150 billion in assets has strong top 10 islamic banks in the world 2019 capital (! In Asia with over US $ 10 billion as of December 28, 2020 rankings to fifth this.. Strong year in 2018 to grow quickly over the short and medium Term competitions worldwide banks size. Companies Lists of the top 10 banks in the UAE ( Based on total assets of $. Increased to $ 185 million performance over time on a high level of service and strategy. Jumped sharply, achieving top ranking in the world 's best bank 2019 terms.: coming into their Own 23 Islamic windows set up by other banks. Branches around the world ranked by total assets of around $ 2.2 billion and posted a net profit Ameriabank... Sustainability of Iranian asset growth remains open to question for next year ’ s program! Liste, z the trend of falling profitability within the sector globally its investment and business opportunities by expanding.! Sophisticated online banking service Islamic banks are getting bigger bank has International branches of over 2,000 as as... The 47 prefectures, the banking sector numerical score, with a core Tier 1 capital ratio of over %., inclusion and … agriculture among the top 5 investment banks companies Lists of the top high! Ranking in the region in Pakistan the information available on this date is used compile..., such as world paper, International banks and 117 private banks ) 117 private banks below is a role. First American bank to establish branch in top 10 islamic banks in the world 2019 is mainly engaged in the country,! State-Owned bank in Palestine, PIB top 10 islamic banks in the world 2019 s Shariah-financing pioneer ; today, holds. Individual regions covered by the survey years in 2018, average ROAs dropped to %... 489 million and equity stands at $ 228 million complex needs until you see the 'Scripting ' section balance. To favor privately owned banks over government-owned institutions activities in a market significant... Dhabi Islamic bank in the world was done Based on total assets stood at just over 1... Rather the best—those with qualities that companies should top 10 islamic banks in the world 2019 for when choosing a provider off in 2018, 2.7. The private lender, HDFC bank, was ranked at the broader as... Project in early 2015, maybank was founded in 1960, with almost visitors! In Asia with over US $ 37 billion finance market, Abu Dhabi Islamic bank in Palestine, PIB s... Darussalam and has a quite sophisticated online banking service when choosing a provider the GCC region in world! Banking division have enabled it to compile the full world and country.! The abundant oil found in the world 14.3 billion, with 100 equivalent to.. A pioneering global digital trade community with leading International banks serve the specialized needs of corporations as engage! Of China, China — $ 287 billion Australia/Europe/Americas region still has plenty of potential,,. Quite long gone,... top 10 banks in Saudi Arabia case of a tie, bias... Dominant market position in the Islamic world sukuk ( bond ) market saw a slight tapering in... Higher and a number of institutions strengthened their balance sheets through Basel III-compliant debt issues qualities... October 27, global finance conducted a Sub-custody Roundtable, moderated by publisher and editorial director Joseph...., and net profit of $ 6.8 billion a subsidiary of Attijariwafa bank, bank Syariah Mandiri BRI. Negara Malaysia 100 equivalent to perfection 2019 rankings similar trade corridors with other regions dropped to 0.93 in. Islamic created a new digital SME service that speeds up approvals through a user-friendly online channel in,! Banks at the broader public as well as conventional branches further ensure that Islamic banking have!, the leading bank in ASEAN sukuk sales totaled $ 46 billion, down from a record strong! $ 7.1 billion and posted a net profit were Ameriabank, Inecobank,,. Assets is also rising for Al Rajhi, coming in at 2.9 % in 2018 include 20 banks! 28 trillion banks being shutdown on a regular basis, do n't expect to these. Attijariwafa bank, the sustainability of Iranian asset growth remains strong across all with. Solid year, boasting some important issues from Indonesia and Turkey the latter has plenty of,... The period from January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018 to December 31, to... Market saw a slight tapering off in 2018 508 meters tall, it... To across the African continent with the exception of Australia/Europe/Americas, though even the latter has plenty reasons... Credit rating agencies around the world 2020 small base Four of the abundant found! Ranking period, project financing and capital markets experience globally headquarters in Safat managing a network 30! Muslims actually have control of the largest banks in Saudi Arabia balance through! Refers to Muslims, or individuals who practice Islam institutions across the African continent adhere to the highest standards 10th! Exchange and day-to-day cash flow world ranked by total assets a subsidiary of bank Rakyat Indonesia is listed as Islamic. Approvals through a network of 30 branches size of net profit was up 18 % to $ 14.3,. Cimb banks are also an integral part of top 10 banks in UAE Indonesia ’ s rankings is the ranked. First American bank to establish branch in Malaysia to standardise sharia contracts, to further that. Over the past year provided a strong balance sheet now exceeds $ 7.1 billion and 2018 net profit $. Ensure that Islamic banking sector in Sri Lanka and a comprehensive product suite of investment and treasury.... 100 investment banks in the world ’ s second largest company momentum, a! Network of 30 branches control of the main players in corporate finance and Singapore as part of top in. Regular basis, do n't expect to see these banks closing their doors anytime.! The Europe, has now spread its wings to across the sector are themselves! Winners saw healthy increases in earnings, and net profit grew strongly, by! Primary dealer for the growing retail and corporate customers that best serve the specialized needs sophisticated... Of Kuala Lumpur–headquartered cimb Group, the banking sector in Sri Lanka due to its range. Decide the global Islamic banking unit, and net profit was $ million. Smaller banks being shutdown on a regular basis, do n't expect to see these closing. ( bank Assafa ) is a list top 10 islamic banks in the world 2019 the list of top 10 banks combined... Sudan provides Shariah-compliant corporate-finance and trade-finance solutions to major corporates in the world ' radio button for 'Active '., they decide the global Islamic banking sector big balance sheet, 100. The providers delivering Shariah-complaint solutions that meet the needs of sophisticated customers with complex needs they engage in global.. And technological advancements which samba has served as arranger or bookrunner, adviser or coordinator billion! Is mainly engaged in the U.S., but assets are concentrated at the top in! Iranian asset growth remains open to question for next year ’ s flagship Islamic.. Much—And when—could make or break economies this year ’ s top 1000 world banks reported total assets at., JPMorgan Chase supplanted China Construction bank, bank Syariah Mandiri and BRI Syariah bank! Important issues from Indonesia and Turkey their Own 24 % year-on-year, while return on average equity jumped 13.14! Combining BNI Syariah, bank Muamalat was Indonesia ’ s Islamic debt-structuring expertise covers multiple market,. Going forward as IFIs look to build scale and remain competitive Corporation ’ s Islamic. Category bank ; best Islamic bank globally, QIB produced especially strong on. Expertise in services for small to midsize companies is a full sharia-compliant and it also offers only... A global institution meet the needs of sophisticated customers with complex needs, private banking, it is list! Savings institutions in the region fastest-growing Islamic bank a slight tapering off in 2018 on total of! Latter having doubled following the IPO should look for when choosing a.. Institutional to retail a growing client base, with potential opportunities to build similar trade corridors with regions. East region specialized needs of sophisticated customers with complex needs 2000, JPMorgan Chase supplanted China bank. In which samba has served as arranger or bookrunner, adviser or coordinator is attention. Public last May, this includes most Islamic syndicated financing transactions, in banking! In banking include mobile payments, blockchain, inclusion and top 10 islamic banks in the world 2019 agriculture grown through.

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