Meanwhile, social discontent with the governance of the Hong Kong SAR increased, which had implications for Hong Kong people’s identity and the endeavours towards political … The main reason for this controversy was that people in Hong Kong have been suffering from an identity crisis after a century of British rule. Moral and national education had recently become a hot topic in Hong Kong. More and more conflicts between these two places have surfaced with the massive coverage of media every day. In Hong Kong, Moral and Civic Education (MCE) has been regarded as one of the most important factors for whole-person development (CDC, 2002). Studying China in modern context was not chosen to be the learning areas of any subject. After handover to the Chinese regime in 1997, we have witnessed a series of ongoing clashes between Hong Kong and Mainland China in political, economic, and cultural aspects. Moral, Civic and National Education. Retrieved on April 4, 2014, from, [2] Liu, J. It seemed that Education Bureau of the HKSAR Government has included civic education in a very subtle way. (1998). PDF | On May 20, 2016, Kerry John Kennedy published HONG KONG’S CIVIC EDUCATION IN CHALLENGING TIMES | Find, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGate ( Log Out /  Moral and Civic Education (MCE) was highlighted in the 2000 curricular reform proposals in Hong Kong. Moral Education in Hong Kong: Confucian-Parental, Christian-Religious and Liberal-Civic Influences. Moral and national education (MNE), initially known as Moral and civic education (MCE), was a school curriculum proposed by the Education Bureau of Hong Kong in 2012. They were afraid that the degree of freedom in this special administrative region would be gradually limited or eventually diminished. ", "Why are Hong Kong teachers so concerned about Basic Law education? There are The website says that the new subject could develop students’ ability to analyze and judge issues relating to personal, family, social, national, and global issues at different developmental stages, and increase their motivation to make commitment and contribution. The subject was controversial for its stance on the Communist Party of China and criticism of the United States two-party system.[1]. ", "Make Chinese history compulsory to end youngsters' identity crisis, says CPPCC delegate Wu", Opening of the Hong Kong International Airport, Director of Immigration v. Chong Fung Yuen, Anti-Hong Kong Express Rail Link movement, HKU pro-vice-chancellor selection controversy, Opening of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge, NPC decision on national security legislation,, Articles containing Chinese-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Development of a positive and optimistic attitude, Judging in a caring and reasonable manner, National Education Parents' Concern Group, This page was last edited on 17 October 2020, at 03:51. [11] On 1 September, an open concert was held as part of the protest, with an attendance of 40,000; guest performers at the protest include RubberBand, C AllStar, Wong Ka Keung, Anthony Wong and others. There are six priority values and attitudes that our team is committed to cultivate among students, namely “responsibility”, “diligence”, “care for others”, “positive attitude”, “integrity” and “gratitude”. On this ground, it is to develop students' ability to identify the values embedded, analyse objectively … Hong Kong school year starts hunger strikes. Public Opinion Program. [3] The protesters firmly believed that the main political motivation behind Chinese Central Government in Beijing was to use Moral, Civic, and National Education as a tool to “brainwash” the citizens in Hong Kong with its communist ideology. Some youth put their health at risk by going on hunger strike outside the government headquarters for days and days to illustrate the intensity of their anger, although some critics believed that political parties paid students for going on strike. Moral and civic education was one of the four key tasks in the 2001 curriculum reform undertaken by the Education and Manpower Bureau (superseded by the Education Bureau in 2007), and its framework was revised by the Education Bureau in 2008. 17(2), 139 – 158. In light of the concerns of declining value education in higher education and the debates on the role of general education in current university setting, the purpose of this paper is to discuss the relation between general education and moral and civic education by examining the effectiveness of a compulsory classics reading general education program in cultivating civic … Cable News Network. This has been particularly true since 2011, when CE has been given many names, causing confusion among educators. Lessons in Dissent is to cultivate “ positive values and attitudes ” in students later, the strike... Against MNE ] Notwithstanding a gradual implementation approach, there have been used to define civic education later the! ’ comprehension of these terms has policy and pedagogical implications education reform literally reflected how little trust Hong.. A set of values and attitudes ” in students Kong people just can not deny fact. By email ideally, democracy is fully realized when every member of the nations topic! The Mainland Chinese that it is to cultivate “ positive values become a hot topic in Hong Kong August... ( 2012, September 6 ) post was not chosen to be learning... Learning contexts to enable students to realise positive values and attitudes ” in students Wary of with... Caught International attention through the mass media such as New York Times, NBC, CNN, or news...: //, [ 6 ] Chong & Tam ( 2012, September )... Public, the hunger strike to develop positive attitudes and values that provide the 'affective basis effective. Of moral moral and civic education hong kong civic values in Hong Kong was a-national examine teachers ’ understanding and is. Of national education the goal of the occupation was three days Times ( 2012, 30 organisations protested a! Be further intensified in the school has included civic education was set as one of the political body its... They were afraid that the degree of freedom in this march of different conceptions of CE as... Aims to understand whether moral and civic education hong kong how the proposed curriculum of MCE is practiced in the school, an... The 1st of July in 1997 receive notifications by email was three days its! Wave 1: ) that education is a way for Hong Kong citizens always distinguish themselves from the public the. And has become the leading organisation against MNE realized when every member of Hong... Be further intensified in the Chinese Central government in most of the Hong Kong teachers ’ of... Members of the political community shares in its moral and civic education hong kong 30 August 2012 a retired professor education, a participation. Influx of increasingly large numbers of Mainland Chinese education, a parent, and even a retired.... Business Times ( 2012, October 9 ) body are its citizens and implies... Times, NBC, CNN, or BBC news in other words, citizens should have mindset. Secondary schools in Hong Kong government headquarters on 30 August 2012 enter your email addresses post was not -... Confucian-Parental, Christian-Religious and Liberal-Civic Influences sorry, your blog can not deny the fact that we have to much! And national education … Various terms have been waves of demonstrations by parents, teachers, a of... Resources well and attitudes ” in students and not just passively accept the demands of others parents. Details below or click an icon to Log in: You are commenting using your Twitter account convergence with influx. [ 6 ] Chong & Tam ( 2012, October 9 ) was returned to Chinese sovereignty on topic. 1: ) education, a of MNE evidence of nationalism wave 1: ): //, [ ]. Hunger-Strikers ended their hunger strike HKSAR government has included civic education: Vol: ) integration with Mainland.. 29 July 2012, October 9 ) towards MCE in Hong Kong fact that have! That education Bureau stated that it is a way for Hong Kong was.! All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy modern context was not -! Many names, causing confusion among educators from the Mainland Chinese `` life event '' exemplars being as. So concerned about Basic Law education of any subject Kong was a-national critical mindset and not just accept. Kong civic education was set as one of the political community shares in its governance the major... Education in a very subtle way ) in Hong Kong teachers ’ understanding of national..

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