I was able to get Irresistable in paperback several years ago, from America, but neither of the others. Would you ever write a sequel? Book , 2013. Beyond the entertaining, romantic and erotic quality of your stories, I have enjoyed your grasp of the emotional and physical challenges which your characters have faced and overcome. Th e word “prune” was introduced much later than the action of Someone to Love, a wonderful book, one of your best. Time and how it moves is a particular interest of mine, so I would love to know your reading list on the topic! Keep up the excellent work. We need to hear about Harry and Jessica too. Kindle Unlimited Eligible; Prime Reading . I am so excited to see the books you have coming out this year Mary! second: All of your Christmas stories I read annually. Please keep writing as I love your books. Actually, reading your work introduced me to Georgette Heyer! I LOVE it so very much! I have enjoyed all the books I have read especially the survivors' club series and look forward to the new Wescott book. I "Thank you" for writing such interesting stories that combine the lives of many through the ages. Have you ever considered turning your sagas into a series? I am beyond excited! The plots are engrossing and the historical background is superb, but it is the character development that makes the books most outstanding. Over 18 years ago, I can still see him (in my mind's eye) with his eyeglasses up on this forehead, lying on top of his bed...reading one of your books. Keep them Coming. We have just dicovered your books and are madly in love with them. Please say there will! I love your books I can't wait for the next Westcott book. Though I've singled out this passage, I have to say how much I've enjoyed all your delightful books. Do you happen to have a list connecting those books and your booklist? Please keep them coming. You write books about real love and add wisdom to them also. English. Best Wishes, Alan Severance, Love your books . At age 14 I was reading The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, the Kiplinger Newsletter, the Kiplinger Florida Newsletter and heaven knows what other business publications to which my father subscribed. I just finished Someone to Trust and it is my favorite Westcott so far! It makes me laugh and cry and sometimes at the same time! Ms. Balogh rightly chose that era for her expertise, to my unending delight. Clear. Mary Balogh is the New York Times bestselling author of the acclaimed Slightly novels: Slightly Married, Slightly Wicked, Slightly Scandalous, Slightly Tempted, Slightly Sinful, and Slightly Dangerous, as well as the romances No Man's Mistress, More than a Mistress, and One Night for Love. There are many bad, gaming, incurring debts fathers, but this as you say, ‘takes the cake’. I have all your books, except "The Trysting Place." Your stories have always and continue to bring me such comfort. All the best, Ingrid. The downside is, of course, that the avarage reader (that would be me, for one) cannot help but becoming very invested in said "secondary" characters, and hoping that they will somehow find their way into a book or a novella of their own. slightly dangerous I love your writing and would go on to share all my musing, but I don’t want to bore everyone to tears. Your novels are so lovely, filled with joy and hope. Will Tangled be converted to the So many treasures I have discovered among them! Special Collections & Rare Books Local History & Genealogy Back ... 200 results for mary balogh 200 results View: View ... New to the library... Past 60 days (1) Past 90 Days (2) Past 180 Days (6) Over 180 Days (194) Language. I hope maybe to get One night for Love, A Summer to Remember, and Once upon a Dream on audio. . So, read for me is very important. Along with Georgette Heyer and a few other writers of historical novels you have been a saviour during my too frequent bouts of depression. I’ve also started writing because I can’t find any books quite like yours to read. Back to bed and book! Did they have a child? I spent 3 days in Wales myself about 10 summers ago - it is like a treasure - gardens, sea coast, verdant forests, history - too many other lovely things to enumerate - All the very best to you and your family!!! Thanks, again love your work! Shouldn’t their birth years be reversed? Since that time my intellect and imagination and the splendid education I diligently sought have enriched my life beyond measure. Your writing is a beautiful mix of conversation, description, seriousness, and humor. That makes the story more real and believable. . Authors like Mary Balogh Author. Now, if I could only find my glasses! I don't generally read nonfiction; this held my interest from page 2. I was hoping you could clear this up for me; this is my first book of yours but I am going to buy the whole series!!! Never published though. I like YA adult fantasy, historical romance, and ones that mess with your head. I wish you would write a book or at least a novella about Matilda Westcott. Please keep writing your wonderful books and may God keep you well! I have been trying to obtain copies of your Horsemen Trilogy. You always have been and will be my number one favorite author in any genre. If you've already decided to do this, thank you. Authors like. I discovered Mary’s books about 12 years ago when a friend who had just opened a second hand book shop told me to try Mary Balogh books. Many thanks for decades of great reading. I have managed to procure copies of the Slightly and Simply series in paperback but some of the others are quite hard to source. I have been a fan of yours since I retired 15 years ago when I had the good fortune to read a summer to remember well I was hooked I then read the bedwyn series simply series survivors and now the westcotts I have now 46 paperback books also the same on my kindle my only regret is that the bedwyn series has not been put in to ebooks thank you for all these beautiful stories at 75 years young I now look forward to your next release hoping it will be another series as I like to have the complete series before I read them as I am to impatient to wait till the next book in the series comes out then when I have them all I sit down and enjoy them one by one and know that I have something very special waiting to be read. What he did to Gil’s mother was unforgivable and it seems your other characters and willing to look past it! I hope you stay in the Westcott world for several more books. (I resort to capital letters because your website does not provide italics -- not complaining, mind you, just explaining. Happy New Year...Cecilia Seltzer. Please keep writing - and thank you for so many hours of pleasure! I am currently reading the last of the Someone books that are available at this time. I have read 18 so far. They are old friends - both the books and the characters. I want Lady Matilda Westcott to have a happy ending, not a full book but a side story. Beyond The Sunrise. By the way, I prefer British spellings as the ONLY correct version of the English language, but something in my computer settings isn't permitting that without an annoying red line beneath the British-spelled word. I am so looking forward to Elizabeths story. A Gift of Daisies and Gentle Conquest, if I got those right. p.s. I got to where i was only missing a few of your older books. I especially like the family history and photos. In my determination to leave behind an ignorant Southern rural heritage I went at self-education 'hammer and tongs' starting in my early teens with Great Books like Ivanhoe, War and Peace, Madame Bovary (oof! You are, by far, my very favorite author of romances and I am a huge fan. Thanks so much for the many lovely books. I keep them all and re-read them. . Mary Balogh weaves a tantalizing web of wit and se… More. I was devastated and decided I didn't need romance so I gave away all romance novels in my possession. AU $22.48. I just finished Survivors' Club this year and loved it! As you can see, I am so ticked with the March family -- they just need to fade away.. I just wanted to comment on the Westcott Series. Thank you..❤️, Hi Mary,I've just read no 5 in your Wescott series,it was great,Is there going to be a sixth,I hope there is,cheers. Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful love stories. I also read The Christmas Miracles which I really enjoyed as well. Mary Balogh occupies the minds of many on-line readers; indeed, at least ten percent of the messages on the AAR List are about Mary and her books. My husband and I own a catering business that covid destroyed. We cannot find your books in the bookshops in Sri Lanka but I will be ordering them through Amazon very soon. Love comes when you least expect it in this captivating new novel in the Wescott Regency romance series from New York Times bestselling author Mary Balogh.Lady Jessica Archer lost her own interest in the glittering excitement of romance after her cousin and dearest friend Abigail Westcott was rejected by the ton when her father was revealed to be a bigamist. Cordially, Sue. Or if you are rereading a book, it is like looking at old pictures and letters from times past and remembering those times again. Fabulous people inhabit all your books. Great characters. Plus your masterful writing and deep exploration of hurt emotions and conflict kept me coming back to this book. (And I must add Cora Kneller, Lady Kneller ~ she is too too fun!). Please, please can we have Kindle editions of the Bedwyn and Simply series? Wow, how did you learn to speak "toplofty Duke"; I smiled every time he was on the page and sometime I laughed out loud! Reading top notch fiction like that which you create contributes mightily to my satisfaction in my circumstances and overall well-being. Please do re-issue them, on Kindle, so that those who came in late can also read them! Thank you for helping to keep me happy and sane during this time of Covid 19 social distancing. Pre-order with 1-Click ® Someone to Romance (Westcott) I always strive for correctness when it comes to names, as mine is frequently mispronounced (though. I am anxious to know when your next book will come out, Ms. Balogh! Thank you for the extraordinary tales you weave--you are a master!! Your writing is exquisitely emotional, heartrending, throat clogging perfection. I, too, "cut my teeth" on Georgette Heyer novels, and am delighted that you "go one better" than Heyer by including tasteful sex. If I can't find something to read, I know an old friend is always on the shelf. Only discovered you in the last couple of years and you’ve greatly enriched my whole reading experience. I tell everyone that will listen about your books. In your book "A Summer To Remember" - whatever happened to Kit's younger brother Syd? Log In Recommendations Everything Music Movies TV shows Books Authors Games Podcasts All Music Movies TV shows Books Authors Games Podcasts. Some authors are now adding Epilogues to some of their books, which I suppose are missing chapters in a way; or, a different approach, a Novella as a prequel to a book already published.

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