Applicants who choose ED send a strong, positive message to Northwestern. The dates below represent the 2020-2021 admission cycle deadlines. If you’ve done good college research and would be thrilled to land at Northwestern next fall, then Early Decision (ED) could be a good option for you. Duke admissions is extremely selective with an acceptance rate of 9%. March 26, 2020 | 2:44pm PDT Duke accepted 2,170 high school seniors Regular Decision to join the Class of 2024, according to a news release. The majority of early action and early decision deadlines for 2019 - 2020 are around between Nov 1 and Nov 15. Early Decision is quickly becoming a misnomer. report. 16. Last year, Duke reported that 4,300 students applied under its Early Decision program and admitted 887 to the Class of 2024. Effective March 10, 2020, all Duke-sponsored events over 50 people have been cancelled, rescheduled, postponed or virtualized. Both Early Decision I and Early Decision II options allow students who feel sure that Johns Hopkins is their first-choice college to apply before the Regular Decision deadline, and to receive their admission decision early. Lehigh accepts the Common Application and Coalition Application, so please follow the procedures on your preferred platform's website to complete your application.. Once your application is submitted, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address you designated on your Common Application or Coalition Application … I applied ED to Duke and cannot wait any longer for the decisions to come out, does anyone know when they’re releasing this year? Duke Law School offers a binding Early Decision option for first-year applicants to the JD program, as well as the JD/LLM in International and Comparative Law and the JD/LLMLE in Law and Entrepreneurship.. To apply, complete the First-Year JD application and select the appropriate option under Decision Cycle. Here's our updated list of early decision and early action notification dates for the Class of 2025. ), SAT and/or ACT Scores (The latest date for the SAT Reasoning Test is December 1. SAT and/or ACT Scores (The latest date for the SAT Reasoning Test is December 1. I applied ED to Duke and cannot wait any longer for the decisions to come out, does anyone know when they’re releasing this year? The Early advantage, contrary to the claims of Frank Bruni of “The New York Times,” is a big one! The deadline for Regular Admission applicants is Jan. 2, and final decisions will be made available to students March 30. Arts Supplement (optional) Mid-May. Decisions Released; May-June. Deadlines: We have changed the date in which we will start reviewing applications. 12/18 Decisions - Duke, Howard, Northwestern, etc. Posted by 9 days ago. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Regular Decision is the most common plan used by students who apply to Carnegie Mellon. Receive an admission decision from the college well in advance of the usual notification date (usually by December) Agree to attend the college if accepted and offered a financial aid package that is considered adequate by the family As many of you know, schools often post results in advance of their "official" notification dates, so we've compiled the most recently updated dates for you here where available, as well as last year's notification dates for reference. There were exactly 4,300 Early Decision applicants to … EARLY DECISION II is an additional binding application option for applicants who are committed to attending UM if admitted but need more time to apply. it also says nov 1st was their ed deadline so idk how reliable that is, More posts from the ApplyingToCollege community. Early decision applicants will make up 49 percent of Duke’s Class of 2025, comprising around 1720 student. ... Any international who applied ED/ EA in this year's application round to need-aware schools (most preferably t20) and got accepted with full financial aid? The regular admissions application deadline for Duke is January 4. * REGULAR DECISION is our final, non-binding application option. save. View this post on Instagram The deadlines for financial aid applications will differ depending on whether you apply through the early or regular decision process. Transfer applicants are not required to submit SAT Subject Tests. Close. 15 comments. Early Decision: Last Test Dates Accepted—November 2020; Regular Decision: Last Test Dates Accepted—December 2020 Before you begin to prepare your application, review our application requirements. Here are the Early Action & Early Decision Notification Dates for 2019 - 2020 (Class of 2024). For Students Applying to Attend in 2021-22 Application Question. Up Next. Given early applicants' high level of interest, and the academic and personal strength we see across our early pool, our ED acceptance rate is typically higher than that of Regular Decision (RD). Early Decision: Last Test Dates Accepted—October 2020 (ACT) or November 2020 (SAT) Regular Decision: Last Test Dates Accepted—December 2020 (ACT) or December 2020 (SAT) SAT Subject Tests. Please remember that Duke uses holistic review of applicants for fairness and thoughtful review. The deadline for Regular Decision applicants is Jan. 2, and final decisions will be made available to students March 30. Duke University admissions is most selective with an acceptance rate of 8%. Once we receive the student-submitted portions of your application, you’ll receive an email to access your Application Checklist. ** *EDI and EDII applicants must complete and submit the Early Decision Agreement form, available through the Common Application. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex stepped down as working royals in early 2020 with the proviso they would meet with the monarch a year on to … Most colleges aim to have regular admission decisions ready by March 31 or April 1, but many choose to release decisions once they’re ready, which can sometimes be a week or two before the standard decision release date. As with all traditional ED plans, you agree to withdraw all app… Early Decision II Notification date: February 12. Interested students can apply for early decision, and the Duke early decision deadline is November 16. Regular Decision Deadlines. Last year, Duke received almost 31,000 Regular Decision applications. hide. Half the applicants admitted to Duke University have an SAT score between 1480 … Scroll down for additional deadlines. Use the chart below to find out when you'll need to submit your information to Duke, and for a complete list of steps, please see the Applying for Aid guide. The college admissions season is flying by. Here are regular application decision notification dates for the class of 2024. share. Here's our updated list of early decision and early action notification dates for the Class of 2024. Class of 2025 Regular Decision Notification Dates January 12, 2021; Colleges Extending Regular Decision Deadlines January 11, 2021; 4 Signs You Should Consider Transferring Colleges January 8, 2021; Early Decision II 101: What Students Need to Know January 6, 2021; Class of 2025 Early Admission Rates January 4, 2021 Application Question. 2020-21 Early Decision, Early Action, and Early Decision II Notification Dates – Class … Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. my hypothesis is the 10th or the 17th, like other people on this sub have been saying, it’s usually the second thursday of december but with applications up by 20% and the deadline extension i think we’d be lucky to hear by the 17th, same, it sucks that applications are up so much this year. When evaluating applications to Duke, the admissions committee reviews several documents that make up each file. Students that get into Duke have an average SAT score between 1480-1570 or an average ACT score of 33-35. Some schools now also offer Early Decision II. If Grinnell is your first choice, we encourage you to apply Early Decision. An increasing number of highly selective institutions have initiated a second round of binding admission programs As a part of our holistic approach, we consider both your academic and personal interests, what you’ve accomplished, and your unique experiences, perspectives, and background. Student Reply Date Amid the chaos, let us be your one-stop shop for important notification information. The traditional deadlines are in November, usually the 1st or the 15th, and you're typically notified of the admissions decision in December. Whether you decide to apply Early Decision I or Early Decision II, you will receive your admission decision months earlier than if you apply Regular Decision, which means you won’t have to wait until the end of your senior year to determine where you will be attending college. The early word is that Duke University has received just over 49,500 applications to the Class of 2025. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. In the Early round, as our readers may remember, over 5,000 students made binding commitments to attend the Durham, North … Read More Transfer applicants are not required to submit SAT Subject Tests.) Duke’s Early Decision acceptance rate goes up for the first time in three years. December 12, 2019 | 1:06pm PST. i’m literally having dreams about getting it back lmao, i didn’t think it would go up by that much smhh. 100% Upvoted. Please check with the … Early Decision II is still binding, but the deadline is pushed forward, usually to sometime in January.

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