The word “creepy” means “weird,” and this kind of story has been pasted over the years, then it has become known as “creepypasta.” Robert the Doll. This lady lives for fur, she practically worships fur, and would even go so far as to murder 101 dalmatians just for a new fur-coat or two with spots. This list is merely my own opinion, it is not meant to be an official list of the best Disney villains. It is an immense, earth-shattering pain, in my midsection and in my head. Creepypasta stories. It’s a condition that’s far more common than you might realize — it’s estimated that as ... My grandfather grew up on a chicken farm outside of Krakow, Poland. We were still terrified we couldn't even move at all 6:46 am light from the sun rose we felt safe the in day we never see this creature we all run when 2 or 3 visitors come cause its past shift after that night we all kept watching the footage and started going into the footage we all took except inoke he went more further into the tape slowed it down we came home we heard holy shit we … Clockwork. It was beyond ... I’ve been blind since birth. Abandoned by Disney. creepypasta. I missed the scorching wind of Andalusia. Photo-Negative Mickey is the main antagonist of the Creepypasta story "Abandoned by Disney". Ben Drowned. Eustace asks Mickey if he was sup… As you all know, Walt Disney was born December 5, 1901. I hate ... “Speak louder, please.” I put my hand up next to my ear from the back of the room, signaling that she would need to raise her voice. Creepypasta 's best boards. This Disney villain still enters the list for her seemingly scary dictatorship that outranks Scar simply for the fact nobody in her kingdom has the confidence to stand up against her bullying whilst on the throne, not even her own husband (which became a reality for Scar when the lionesses as well as the hyenas began to turn their backs on their trust for him). Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. I suffer from a condition called Charles Bonnet Syndrome, or Visual Release Hallucinations if you want to get more technical. "A girl likes a little romance with her gore." 1. Day in and day out, I get to deal with impatient, rabid Disney families and … Looking for some of those all-time favourites? Creepypasta Files Wikia is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. After seeing them through about half way, I lifted myself from the sofa and walked to the kitchen, stretching my ... Paul pulled the envelope out of his leather attaché case and settled into an uncomfortable chair behind a large writing desk. Creepypasta is a popular online horror story or myth. D&D Beyond Despite his clear issue with accepting being second-best, his motive for wanting to overthrow the Sultan was reasonable enough when his efforts were overlooked and rumors by people for his different nature to many made for quite a common villain who made us laugh with his enjoyable minion Iago whilst being in the spotlight. I really don't know how to describe it. The bell above the door rang noisily as I entered the bookshop. Head to the comments below to have your say! Subscribe. ^^ Gif's are NEVER mine. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Shoot me in the temple, aiming slightly downwards. Whilst his Shadow Friends do the majority of the scares for him later on in the film, Dr. Facilier was a lean and very mean creation of the Disney's Princess And The Frog who never seemed to be too exaggerated on-screen towards the villain role. A LOVE SO TRUE. The Queen of Hearts - From the movie Alice In Wonderland, this Disney villain has been known for her sadistic and cruel behaviour regarding how she treats her servants as well as the people of Wonderland. Disney's Teacher's Pet had aired on ABC's One Saturday Morning Block from 2000 to 2002. 25 mai 2020 - Découvrez le tableau "best creepypasta" de Reigan sur Pinterest. I'll just let you read it yourself. This is a bit of a cheat since the general idea for this creepypasta has been on … Chiara Domenici • 156 Pins. 4. This list is merely my own opinion, it is not meant to be an official list of the best Disney villains. Scar - Who could ever deny this beast's cunning nature and method to kill a kingdom of a great leader before pushing the blame so fluently onto the king's son, making him leave the land for his taking? I loved this creepypasta and the best part is that the abandoned Disney park actually exists and is rumored to be haunted, acording to the locals. Get our eeriest tales and best book deals delivered straight to your inbox. I guess I’ve just noticed some odd things. If You’re Armed and at the Glenmont Metro, Please Shoot Me, My Father Punished Me When I Talked to Ghosts, I Investigate Disturbing Cases: Here Are My Stories – The Woman, Every night I’m stopped at a roadblock that shouldn’t exist. Part 1 – The Happiest Place on Earth (Abby’s Story) My name is Abby, and I work in the Happiest Place on Earth. My hopes of just browsing through the books without attracting the attention of a well-intentioned but usually annoying clerk were immediately dashed. It was your ... Addiction took our mother slowly, rocked her through it and sung her to sleep sunk deep into the mattress on her bed. Top-Ranked Creepypasta Stories (Sorted by Average Rating) I missed the scorching wind of Andalusia. He was forever cursed with his name being one feature on his face, outcasted from other animals and had to adopt his cynical behaviour as a means to gain his superiortiy over another species known for their stupid nature (the hyenas). Late afternoon sun filtered in through the bay window but couldn’t defeat the dankness of ... On several occasions my interest in the supernatural has taken me to some of the most prestigious seats of learning in the entire United Kingdom. Oct 6, 2014 - Explore Dulce Andrade's board "Disney Creepypasta", followed by 276 people on Pinterest. There are loads of creepypastas out there about supposed “lost episodes” of favorite childhood television shows: Spongebob, Mickey Mouse, The Simpsons, and more. See more ideas about Creepy disney, Zombie disney, Dark disney. From the venerable halls of Oxford and Cambridge, to the more ... Part One: The Beginning Bedtime is supposed to be a happy event for a tired child; for me it was terrifying. The room we were in was 1901, and the door next to it was 1205. Creepypasta • 659 Pins. Classic CreepyPasta. Well, properly, I work in the Starbucks in the middle of Epcot. It is a presumably possessed costume of Mickey Mouse that frightens any visitors that come to the abandoned Treasure Island. I rested my arms behind my head, skim-reading the credits of a movie I'd just watched. Best Creepypasta Disney Minecraft Creepy Pasta Family Art Inspiration Drawing Drawing Ideas Funny Horror Horror Movie Characters Laughing Jack Dark Disney. Also, he died December 15, 1966, which was the key code the worker had put in to lead us into the main corridor. I also want to get Early Bird Books newsletter featuring book deals, recommendations, and giveaways. Voir plus d'idées sur le thème creepypasta, slender man, bouseux. Even PETA cannot stop me loving this beauty in the skins of deceased animals. Mickey is driving to his workplace in his car. Yes! She took a deep breath. Halfway through its second season though, the series was transferred to Toon Disney and had the remaining 5 episodes of the second season that was originally planned to be aired on ABC, along with the remaining 13 episodes that was originally planned to be used as a third season since … Then this is the place for you, below you will find a list of all the classics we have here on this Wikia in alphabetical order. Creepypasta. I found this note, nailed onto a tree on my front lawn. Not for the faint of heart, Robert the Doll really exists. Why? Jake strider- English • 18 Pins. This is just a list, not a chronological one, and only one villain can be mentioned for each film franchise so Toy Story only gets one mention for the franchise. 3. What made Scar so much more towards the matter of desiring power than Jafar was the reason. Creepypasta • 31 Pins. And, to avoid anyone questioning me about who is the best? I knew I couldn't stop adoring his comedic appearances as well as his intimidating moments towards the main protagonists. After getting Eustace's name, Mickey invites him to go with him somewhere. Disney creepypasta is no joke. Creepypasta: Image Gallery (List View) Browse the best of our 'Creepypasta' image gallery and vote for your favorite! D&D Beyond Jafar, from the movie Aladdin, is not stopped by any small flaw that stands in his way...well, not until the very end. 5. NoEnd House. "Bedtime" All of us have feared going to bed at one point in time in our life, but this boy is the … Be prepared for the up-coming dictator who wants nothing more than to stay in his place of power by any means possible. When Mickey finds out it's beyond repair, he goes into a depression until Eustace arrives and helps out by fixing the problem. Article from Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The creepypasta is notable for incorporating a series of elaborate in-game screenshots and custom sprite art. Creepypasta • 1 Pin. See more ideas about Scp, Scp 049, Creepypasta. They each have their ... Sunday I’m not sure why I’m writing this down on paper and not on my computer. He passed away a few years ago at the age of 82. D&D Beyond Years ago, I worked as an EMT for MediTrans Ambulance Service. For example, the Creepypasta quiz is popular among people. Along the way, it breaks down due to an engine problem and he gets out to check it. But sadly, by the end, he no-longer has friends on the other side. If you’re armed and at the Glenmont metro, please shoot me. Jafar - This man is the very definition of greed and pride. 2. Follow Us. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [Note start] I saw you today. Scary Stories. The NES Godzilla Creepypasta is a creepypasta story about a video gamer who uncovers several disturbing characters and modified levels in a Godzilla: Monster Of Monsters game cartridge for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Creepypasta. Toby and … But Scar? 1) LJ thinking about his life. Got a CreepyPasta you think should be on this list? Abandoned by Disney is a creepypasta about a man exploring an abandoned Disney resort, named Mowgli's Palace. Abandoned by Disney. Now, the list will not have Pixar villains too, this is solely for Disney ones and no live-action version villains will counted in so...sorry Dumbo (2019), The Lion King (2019) and fans, but only original villains count (and yes, even Maleficent from the recent movie cannot be within this for the simple fact she is both a hero in the form of a forced villlain). Cruella de Vil - Where would this list be without this wonderful woman being featured? Adventure Fanfiction Fantasy Disney Creepypasta School For Good And Evil ... Highschool Cinderella A Boy With The Power Over Metal Another With A Power Over Fire And A Girl With The Power Over Water Three Of Them Are From Different Universes\Worlds, All Three Loved Stories And Movies, But Cant Help To Think, What If it Had A Happier Or BitterSweet End Sometimes. ", because no matter what excuse is said, anyone is up for a good chop! Various general different level questions are asked in the Creepypasta quiz. Needless to say, Cruella gets her place in the list for not only her amazing antagonist motives for desiring power through her beauty with fur but also the simple fact she earns herself her own theme song sung with pure evil intent. With her face turning red and her garden filled with white roses, you had better run from her line of sight before she screams "Off with their heads! May 4, 2017 - Browse the best of our 'Creepypasta' image gallery and vote for your favorite!. . More from. I never liked Rustic Gables Skilled Nursing Facility. They might use a Ouija Board, or maybe come to you in a dream, or sometimes they speak through another person. BEN DROWNED. How it pours sunlight onto your face, toying with eyelashes, flattening dry sand against cheeks and milling around hair. The myths surrounding … Creepypasta Cafe: Doods by Alloween on DeviantArt. The red lights are only making the pain worse. Dr. Facilier - It's the green, it's the green, it's the green you need, and when he'll look into your future, it's the green that he sees~ Dr. Facilier, who the Hell doesn't love a man who knows his voodoo from his black magic? Jafar, with mere rumors and self-doubt, began his reign of terror through the manipulation of the Sultan, who had always tried to respect Jafar's more distant nature. 1 History 1.1 Abandoned by Disney 1.2 A Few Suggestions 1.3 Room Zero 2 Appearance 3 Personality 4 Powers and Abilities 5 Danger Level … ... Disney … How it pours sunlight onto your face, toying with eyelashes, flattening dry sand against cheeks and milling around hair. Make it a headshot. Publisher's Note: This is a companion piece to Slum. I missed the smell of the valley and that ripening ... One of my least favorite parts about being a middle school history teacher is the bullshit “Living History” assignments we give at the end of every school year. When I got the first one, I was literally seconds away from stepping onto the plane when a call from “UNKNOWN” blared from my cell phone. Killingz Commented on April 14, 2015 at … I don't know when you're going to read this, but I can tell you when it started: I was out for a walk alone in the woods when the entity came for me. REQUESTS Closed (Quote from MTV Scream) Horror Villains, Creepypasta and Disney Villains ^^ Before interacting, please check out my Character List and Masterlists!

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